Beef Rendang Dendeng

When Hari Raya or Eid'l Fitri comes, we will not miss this delicious beef rendang that is mouthwatering. This dish will be on the table together with chicken rendang, lemang and ketupat, and of course other sweet delicacies and countless savory dishes. This task is always carried by my mother. Her beef dendeng is famous among family and relatives. But, this recipe is my own version of beef dendeng which uses fresh chillies instead of dried chillies that my mother used to make. She also cuts her beef a bit thicker and pound them one by one, but mine is sliced thinly so that they will become crisp when frying. Anyway, the taste is as good as my mom's version. Do try!

500gm beef, sliced very thinly ( I mean very)
3 garlic, pounded
2-3 big onions, pounded
10 fresh red chillies, pounded
1 table spoon coriander powder
1 tea spoon coriander seeds (ketumbar)
2 table spoon tamarind juice
1 table spoon sugar, or to taste
salt, to taste
Oil, for cooking

1. Wash the beef and sliced them very,very thinly. Marinade with coriander powder, salt and sugar. Leave for half an hour before frying.

2. In a heated pan, pour some oil and fry the marinated beef until crispy. Take them out and put in a plate.

3. In another clean pan, pour some oil and put in the pounded garlic, onions and fresh chillies and stir for a while. Add sugar, tamarind juice and coriander seeds and cook until the mixture becomes aromatic.

4. Cook the mixture until dry. When all the ingredients are well mixed and dry, add salt and pour in the fried beef. Mix all ingredients well.

5. After the beef is well coated with the ingredients, take them out and serve in a serving plate.

6. Best taken with rice, lemang or ketupat.

serves 2-4 people

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