Tom Yam Soup

My family love all kind of soups and tom yam is one of them. Although the recipe originates from Thailand it is very well accepted here. The easiest way to eat tom yam is by going to any siamese restaurant which is mushrooming in this country. There are a few tom yam restaurants that I like which we frequent a lot in our hometown like Cherry Corner and Kamiria Restaurant which is just around the corner. Besides getting it at a restaurant, you can also make one yourself. It is very easy and the ingredients are also not difficult to find. Here it goes!

1 Chicken breast, cut into cubes
8 fresh prawns
3 squids, cut into small pieces
1 carrot, sliced
cauli flower
small corns
1 big onion, cut into rings
2 garlic, crushed
3 lemon grass, crushed
3 kaffir lime leaves
3 lime juice
6-8 cili padi, crushed
1 table spoon palm sugar
chilli paste, as desired
water, a needed for the soup
salt, to taste
some oil

1. In a bowl, pour in 2 table spoon of oil. When the oil is hot, fry the garlic and the chilli paste until aromatic.

2. Add enough water to cover the pot, or as you desire and let the water boil for a while.

3. When the soup is boiling, add the chicken, prawns and squids together with lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves.

4. After 30 seconds, add in the carrots, cauli flower, corns, big onions, palm sugar, cili padi and salt to taste.

5. Let the broth boil until all ingredients are tender and lastly add in the lime juice.

*serves 2-4 people 

Pumpkin in Sugar Syrup @ Sira Labu

The local call this Sira Labu. What I like about this dessert is that it is sweet and flavorful. Rich in fiber, pumpkin is good for bowel cleansing as well. We do not eat pumpkin that much, but if we do, the pumpkin would be turned into savoury gravy with coconut milk or sweet porridge to name a few.  For those who have not tried this simple recipe, do try as it takes very little time to do and requires the simplest ingredients as well. Enjoy!


4 pumpkins cut into wedges, remove the outer skin
4-6 Table spoon sugar, or as desired
1 cinnamon stick
3 cloves
1 1/2 cups of water, or until it covers the pumpkin


1. In a pot, put all ingredients and cook until the pumpkins become soft and the water thickens into syrup.

2. Put in the fridge for a few hours before eating in an individual plate.

*serves 2-4 people