Learn To Cook Nasi Lemak and Sambal Ikan Bilis

Generally, Malaysian can't live without nasi lemak. We can eat nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In other words, nasi lemak is all time favourite among us all. Like I said in my earlier post, this is the recipe for nasi lemak or rice cooked in coconut milk for you to try. 

Nasi lemak has a nice, fragrant aroma. This is because you cook the rice with coconut milk, screwpine leaves and ginger. Half way of cooking, you will smell the fragrance that come from your rice cooker that can tantalize your cravings.  

To add the ommph!, serve the rice with mild sambal ikan bilis, or anchovies cooked with chilli paste. If you do not prefer ikan bilis, you can serve it with prawns or squids sambal, which are equally good. To add more punch! you can put petai in your sambal, and I think you will die smiling! And hopefully rise to heaven!

Here we go!

Ingredients for Nasi lemak

3 cups of rice, washed thoroughly and drain to dry
2 inch ginger, chopped coarsely
6 shallots, chopped finely
2 screwpine leaves, tie them together
5 cups thick coconut milk (thin milk will not produce fluffy texture and rich flavour)
salt to taste


1. Put the rice and all the rest of the ingredients in a rice cooker and cook until rice is tender.

2. Don't forget to add salt to taste.

3. Stir occasionally to ensure all ingredients are mixed well.

4. When it's cooked, serve with sambal ikan bilis, sliced cucumber and roasted peanuts.


Ingredients for Sambal Ikan Bilis

300 gm ikan bilis, fry until crisp (if you don't prefer ikan bilis, substitute with prawns or squids)
2 tbsp dried chilli paste
3 garlic, pounded finely
1 big onion, pounded finely
1/2 cup tamarind juice
1 tbsp sugar
1cm belacan (dried shrimp paste)


1. In a heated pan, add oil. Put in pounded onion and garlic. Cook until aromatic or turning slightly brown.

2. Add chilli paste. If you prefer hotter dish, you can add more chilli paste.

3. Add sugar and salt. Cook and stir until the ingredients are mixed well.

4. When the oil emerge around the mixture, add belacan and tamarind juice. Stir for a few minutes.

5. If the mixture becomes a bit dry, you can add some water. The thickness of your sambal will be determined by how much water you put.

6. When you are satisfied with the thickness of your sambal, add fried and crispy ikan bilis and mix the ingredients together.

7. If you prefer, add some petai for extra flavour (optional)

8. Serve with a hot plate of nasi lemak. Garnish with sliced cucumber, hard boiled egg and roasted peanuts.

9. To add more choices, you can eat nasi lemak and sambal with dried fish or rendang.

* Serves 3-4 people

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