Chicken Rendang

Chicken Rendang is one of our traditional dishes that has been a number one favourite among Malaysians, from all races, all walks of life. It is compulsory during Eid Celebration and is taken together with lemang (glutinous rice cooked inside a bamboo) or ketupat (rice cake). The celebration is not complete if there is no rendang, may it be beef or chicken rendang. Besides Eid, Malaysians also eat rendang with nasi lemak, our locally known breakfast (rice cooked with coconut milk).

In the old days, rendang could only be savoured on special occasions, but in the present, rendang can be found in any restaurant or hotel that serve nasi lemak or in any house especially in a Malay community.

Here, I have an authentic chicken rendang recipe that you cannot get elsewhere, passed down from my past ancestors, to my grandmother, my mom and now me. This type of rendang is originated from the State of Perak and to date, this is the only rendang I know that uses these original ingredients below. Have a try!

1 chicken, cut into 8 parts
Coconut milk, from 1 whole coconut
2 tbsp kerisik, pounded fried coconut
1/2 cup grated coconut flesh (optional)

1 tbsp tumeric powder
3 tbsp dried chilli paste
1 tea spoon sugar
Salt, to taste

Blended Items
2 big onions
3 lemon grass
4 garlic
2 inch ginger
1 inch galangal

Finely Cut Items
3 lemon grass
3 turmeric leaves
2 inch ginger
10 shallots


1. Pour in the blended and finely cut ingredients in a wok. Add in the chilli paste and turmeric powder.

2. Heat the ingredients for a few minutes. You may add in some water if needed.

3. When the mixture is heating up, add the chicken. Stir until all chicken are coated well with the rest of the ingredients. Cook until it simmers for a few minutes.

4. When the mixture is simmering, add coconut milk, salt and sugar. Cook until the broth is half thick. Stir regularly over medium heat to avoid the mixture from sticking to the pan.

4. When it's half thick, add grated coconut flesh and kerisik.

5. Cook until it becomes thick and dry or as desired.

*Serve 4-6 people


Anonymous said...

Added some lime zest and juice just to lift it a little. Perfect! Everyone must try this recipe. ;-)

Aimee Nour said...

Thanks anonymous, although i wish u had put yr name! :) i hope u enjoyed the rendang and will make some more in the future!

groundhog-judy said...

I lived in Thailand for 2 years and visited Malaysia. The food was very good and I really liked some of the dishes flavored with peanut sauce. I am also a fan of curries and make at least one every 2 weeks. The toasted coconut sound like a great addition and I will try it soon.

Aimee Nour said...

Thanks groundhog-judy!I hope you will try this recipe. I can ensure that you will not regret it!:)