How To Make Teh Tarik or 'Pulled Tea'

Teh Tarik which literally means 'Pulled Tea' in English is a very popular drink in Malaysia. The reason why it is called teh tarik is because the drink is achieved by 'pulling' the tea from a big container into another until it is foamy and frosty (see picture). Once the tea is mixed, one has to pour the tea, from as high as possible, and put it into another glass. This has to be done a few times until you find the desired texture. The process of pulling and pouring will eventually make the tea frosty and foamy, hence the name teh tarik. Tarik, means pull in English and Teh is simply tea.

Teh tarik must be mixed with milk, or it will not be called teh tarik. The trademark of teh tarik is, it is served in a clear glass instead of a cup. The rich taste of the tea and milk definitely meet one's satisfaction. It is widely found in almost any restaurant in Malaysia, and if you happen to be away from this country, here is a recipe for you to try at home.

Teh Tarik
2 (250 ml) mugs
500ml mixing pot
4 table spoon powdered tea (any type)
2 tea spoon sugar
4 table spoon condensed milk or as desired
boiling water

1. Put 4 tbsp of powdered tea into a large mixing pot.
2. Add hot water and leave the tea to mix for about five minutes.
3. Sieve and transfer the tea into another glass. Add sugar and milk. Stir well.
4. Take two big glasses, and start pouring the tea from one glass to the other, ensuring that you pull it from as high as you can.
5. Stop when you have achieved the desired foamy texture.
6. Serve in a glass or mug while still hot and foamy.

*Serves 2

Note: Make sure the tea is as thick as possible if you want to achieve the best result. Too little tea will not produce the desired taste and will be too plain and bland.

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Anonymous said...

Thanking you, but why condensed milk and sugar? Terlalu manis tak mau gigi ompong
C Ya

Marie M. said...

I live in America. We have two different kinds of canned milk. One is called condensed milk the other, evaporated milk. The condensed milk is very sweet while the evaporated milk is not sweet. Could you explain which one you use in this recipe. Thank you. I've had this tea in a restaurant and loved it.

Aimee Nour said...

Hello Marie M!Thanks for your question. In this recipe, I use condensed milk which is much thicker and sweeter than evaporated milk. However, you can adjust the amount of sugar and milk up to your liking. My suggestion would be, add the sugar and milk in stages until you get the desired taste. But if you prefer to use evaporated milk,you can add more sugar in it but the taste might not be as rich as using condensed milk. Besides, the size of your cup/glass is also a contributing factor of how much sugar and milk needed. Keep trying!:)

Yen said...

hi Aimee, I just bought a big pack of Boh teh tarik powder but there is no instruction on the packaging. I wonder if we need the tea filter (the traditional one made with cloth) to make the tea? I brought that with me anyway. How much broiling water do we need based on the amount of ingredients you mentioned in the blog? Thanks for sharing!

Aimee Nour said...

Hello Yen. Thanks for yr question. Firstly, yes, you do need a filter to filter the tea leaves. Boil or soak the powdered tea in a mixing glass with hot boiling water for abt 2-3 mins.Then filter the leaves before you transfer it into another glass or mugs for mixing. The size of the glass/mixing glass should be enough to fill a 300-500ml boiling water.That can make about 2 mugs of teh tarik. You have to use a large amount of powdered tea to get a desired rich taste of teh tarik. The amount I mentioned should be enough for 2 glasses of abt 250 ml each. Hope this helps!

Louise said...

Thanks for your recipe.
What about making it with ordinary black tea leaves instead of powder?

Aimee Nour said...

Hello Louise. Do you mean the black tea leaves in the pouch? If yes, you can absolutely use it but you must put about 6 pouches to achieve the desired results or even more if you prefer a thicker and darker teh tarik.

Anonymous said...

condensed milk is better ;)