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Spice of India
Third Floor,
The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2284 3221

I had a great opportunity to have a fantastic lunch with Royal Professor Ungku Aziz while I was in Kuala Lumpur recently. After picking him and my auntie at their apartment in Petaling Jaya, we went to the Gardens KL to savour some authentic Indian cuisine

After we got to the entrance, we went straight to the venue, which was not too far from where we entered. We were greeted by a lady who ushered us to our table, which fit nicely for four people. The ambiance was subtle with good lighting and that provided a relaxing eating atmosphere to the customers.

The food's price was relatively fair but can be quite expensive to some people. Well, since we were not paying, I guess it's okay to say that. :) About the price, I mean, as we normally seldom go to expensive restaurant unless once in blue moon.

We had chicken vindaloo, nan bread, chicken chettinand, tandoori and briyani rice to name a few. The food was delicious and up to my likings. All the herbs and spices were just perfect to make our lunch enjoyable.

These are some of the reviews that I got from their website Enjoy!

What People says about Us

Malaysia Tatler
Malaysia's Best Restaurants 2007 The discerning readers of Malaysia Tatler have acclaimed Spice of India as one of Malaysia's best restaurants for its exceptional cuisine and service.

Spice of India was reviewed by famous daily newspapers like :

"The Restaurant, which will be turning one soon, serves authentic Indian cuisine amidst contemporary settings. It does not carry the usual heavy Indian d├ęcor like some places do, choosing rather to be simple, yet elegant with Indian fabrics adorning the room with proper lighting."
- By Sharen Kaur editor of "The New Strait Times"

The Spice of India offers both and generally keeps to the original recipes without trying too hard to please novice palates. Food from both south and North India is prepared freshly here but fret not, you wont need to douse yourself with water. And even if the water gets out of the hand, reach for glass of milk, to douse the capsaicin and not water.
- by "The Malaysian Magazine"

"Tandoori Temptation - Specializing in both north and south Indian cuisines, Spice of India offers a dinning experience to cherish."
- by V.Magesh - Editor of 'The Sun'

"The best of two worlds - Each mix has a different taste because its preparation method and marinade are different from each other even though yoghurt is the main ingredient."
- by Vivienne Pal 'The Star'

K.L Lifestyle - "Step into a space lined with contemporary geometry design intertwined with a little touch of time you are tired of trawling the mall, traipse into Spice of India and treat our self to a sumptuous meal fit for the Maharajahs."
- by K.L. Lifestyle 

Khadijah's Kitchen
21, Jalan 11/2
Petaling Jaya

I read about Khadijah's Kitchen a few years ago in a magazine. It is owned by our own singer-actress, Khadijah Ibrahim who has years of experience in handling Malay restaurant when she was residing in New Zealand. I have always been curious at how her dishes would turn out hence, I took the opportunity to eat at her famous restaurant when I was in Petaling Jaya recently.

It was drizzling when we arrived. But that did not dampen our spirit to find a parking space. Luckily, it was not too hard to find. We parked our car and went inside the cozy restaurant with a greeting from her own daughter who was busy with her smartphone.

What struck me the most was the ambiance. It was like a dreamy illusion, the feeling that you were in a different place amidst the hustle bustle of city life. Once we took our seats, a petite lady came and ushered us the menu. It was an array of delicious Malay dishes that you can find at home like cucur udang, tempe goreng and bubur durian to something more rich and succulent like laksa Johor and soto.

What I can say about the dishes we ate was they were cooked just like how our grandmother would cook them. Even though the portion was quite large it was well worth the price. You can get your tummy really filled with their delicious food and the sweet, cozy atmosphere added more depth to your eating mood.     

I would say that this restaurant is a suitable place for friends and families who would like to get a 'get together' gathering. It will not disappoint you. In fact, if I were around Petaling Jaya next time, I would definitely come again. 

Toast Box
Mid Valley Megamall

I was meeting up with the actor Adam Corrie and his wife at Old Town White Coffee for an interview. We had more than two hours of talks and sharing of life's experiences on his part. The meeting was a great success. I learned a lot from him. Perseverance, hard work and a little bit of luck. That would describe his life's journey. However, the interview was very interesting that I did not order anything to eat. After it was done then I realised that my tummy was growling.

I headed ground floor to get a cab home. On my way, a very quiet and small kiosk got my attention. It reminded me of the sixties. The eating area was a row of dark coloured benches and seats fit for the dwarfs. Nevertheless, I decided to sit down and had it's toast and coffee. The nanyang coffee was just perfect for my liking. The toast and the half boiled eggs did not do much to satisfy my hunger but it was just enough to keep me half full until I reached home.

The idea to set up such a kiosk is superb because it brings back old memories of the yester years. I would go again to sip that hot coffee while looking out of the exit glassy door and watching people walking by. 

Great experience.  

Wan's Place
Seksyen 14
Millenium Square
Petaling Jaya

Wan's Place is situated in Millenium Square, a quiet shopping and eating place for the peaceful neighbourhood. Whenever I go to Petaling Jaya to visit my cousin, I would eat at this place. It is not packed, although the music can be a nuisance sometimes especially to peace lover like me. 

There are a few restaurants and cafes in the same building but I choose this restaurant because the food served is halal and they are quite good, in fact not bad at all.

You can get a lot of varieties here. From set lunch like asam pedas, chicken kung pao and rice to laksa Johor, mee kari, seafood spaghetti and chicken chop, just to name a few. The drinks offered are also very well presented and very rich in aroma and flavour especially if you order fruit juices.

I have tried a few dishes like fried rice, salmon carbonara, chicken chop and it's finger food like popiah and fries. 

If you have ample of time, I would like to suggest this place for you and your family.

You will not regret the food and besides eating you can also connect to the free wifi and have a chat or two with your friends or upload the pictures on facebook. :)

Oasis Restaurant
Jalan Asam Kumbang

When we are at home and crave for Arabian food, this restaurant is perfect for us. It serves Yemeni traditional dishes like nasi mandy, nasi kabsah, shish kebab, fattoush, humus and many more dishes with a few selection of fruit juices and malt beverages.

What I like most about this place is the fact that it is a house, in fact an old bungalow, that has been turned into a restaurant. So when you eat here, you would feel a homey atmosphere and you would feel like you are eating at your own dining table.

You can choose which room you prefer and each room can accommodate about ten to twelve people. You can also eat by the front counter to get the street view or at the balcony to get some fresh air.

The price is fair ranging from RM 12 to RM 15 per set (of rice or kebab). You can also sample the Arabian tea or coffee which is very rich in aroma and flavour. You can taste all the herbs in the brew, very much apt for herbal drink lovers.

I strongly recommend this. 


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