Mixed Fruit Jelly

Jelly is better known as agar-agar in Malaysia. Normally, you can either choose powdered jelly or dried jelly to make this sweet dessert. For this recipe, it is ideal if you use dried jelly which you can get from the supermarket or any grocery stores at your neighborhood. Powdered jelly will not produce the best result because it does not give the desired texture and taste that is required.


1 packet of dried jelly
1 can of creamer
250gm sugar
1 can of fruit cocktail


1. Put the dried jelly in a pot and add water just enough to cover the jelly's surface.
2. Boil the jelly until it turns into liquid. Drain the liquid to separate the loose particles or any dried jelly which has not been liquidized.
3. Put the liquid into another pot and simmer briefly. Add the sugar and cook until the sugar is dissolved.
4. Pour in the creamer and a can of fruit cocktail including the juices.
5. Simmer in a low heat for a minute.
6. Transfer the jelly into a mold, up to your preferences.
7. Let it cool before transferring it into a refrigerator.
8. Serve when the jelly is set.

serves 6-8 people

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