Mango Pickles with Lime and Dried Plums

This is a very happening tit-bits in Malaysia right now. Mango Pickles with Lime and Dried Plums. You can easily do this at home in a matter of less than half an hour. Make sure that you pick quarter ripe mangoes so as to retain it's crunchiness. You can get the ingredients very easily at any local Asian market. The taste is superb. You can taste the sweet and sour with a bit of zing from the fresh chillies. Do try!
3 mangoes, sliced
10 dried plums @ asam boi
3 fresh chillies @ bird's eyes chillies, sliced
1 lime, sliced
3 calamansi, sliced
a pinch of salt
3 table spoon sugar, or as preferred


1. Mix the sliced mangoes with all ingredients.

2. Arrange them nicely in a bottle or any suitable jar.

3. Put in the refrigerator for about three hours before consuming.

Easy! :)

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