Asam Pedas Ikan Kerisi

This is one of the popular main dishes in Malaysia besides curries and sambal. Having a slight influence from the Baba and Nyonya cusine, this dish is supposed to be a little bit hot and sour. It uses bunga kantan and daun kesum, two main ingredients that make a good asam pedas. Without these two ingredients, asam pedas will not be perfect. Do try!

2-3 Kerisi Fish
2 big onions, pounded
6 fresh red chillies, pounded
4 lemon grass, pounded
2 bunga kantan, halved
a handful of daun kesum
1 inch belacan or dried shrimp paste, pounded
2 Table spoon dried chilli paste
1 cup tamarind juice
salt, to tase
a pinch of sugar, optional
2-3 cups water

1. In a pot, pour some oil and add in all pounded ingredients. Stir well until all ingredients turn aromatic.

2. Add in the dried chilli paste and tamarind juice. Add some water to produce a watery broth. Stir well.

3. When the broth is simmering, add in bunga kantan, daun kesum, salt and a pinch of sugar. Wait for 30 seconds before adding in the fish.

4. Cook for another three minutes or until the fish is tender.

5. Serve in a serving plate with a plate of plain rice.

*serves 2-3 people

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