Fried Fish Recipe and How to Fry Them Without Sticking to the Pan!

Malaysians love their fried fish. We normally marinade them with tumeric powder and salt for about half an hour before frying them. My daughters cannot live without their fried fish...and chicken. I have no problem with that because it is very easy to prepare, in fact one of the easiest ways to cook is frying. The only big problem is the oil and the pan. If you are not a regular cook, the oil may splatter (you need to acquire a technique to do this!) and the fish may get stuck to the pan. I remember a friend who stands too far away from the hot oil to avoid oil splattering. Another one will cover her body with lids as a protection shield!

Frying fish or chicken or relatively easy. Heat the wok or pan and wait until it is hot. Then pour in the oil. Do not pour the oil before heating the pan. The heat from the pan will prevent the fish from sticking. If you follow this simple step, the fish will be easy to flip over. When the oil is hot, put in the fish gently, facing the opposite way from your direction. This way the oil will not splatter. You can use kitchen spatula for easy gripping.

Once the fish is in the pan, do not flip the fish until the other side is cooked, about 3-5 mins (depending on the size and thickness of the fish). When the oil begins to reduce its sizzling sound, then you can flip the fish to the other side. Voila! It always works on me!

I have a simple Fried Fish recipe for you to try.


10 fish,mackarel or sardines
2 tbsp tumeric powder
1 tbsp pepper
1 tbsp chilli paste
3 garlic, finely pounded
salt to taste


1. Clean fish thoroughly.
2. In a bowl, marinade all the ingredients with the fish. Leave for half an hour.
3. In a big plate, splatter some flour. Coat each fish with the flour making sure all areas are coated well.
4. Heat pan and oil. Fry the fish until brown.
5. Ready to serve on its own or with rice or bread.

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